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The Gold Nose of Green Ginger

When: 13/07/17

After long years lost in the mists of legend, The Gold Nose of Green Ginger is returning to Bransholme.

Long considered an urban myth, The Green Ginger Fellowship made this momentous discovery while delving into the large cache of Land of Green Ginger crates currently under investigation.

The last concrete sighting was documented 50 years ago, when building work to lay the foundations of the first house on Bransholme unearthed a small casket with the Gold Nose lying within.

Through history, reports claim that those who came into contact with the Nose were blessed with unexplainable and plentiful good luck. Such were its powers that it was hidden – or stolen – waiting to be discovered again. By bringing the Gold Nose back to Bransholme, we’re hoping some of this luck may spread far and wide.

The Gold Nose of Green Ginger will be on display at The Gold Nose of Green Ginger, North Point Shopping Centre from Sun 18 June – Sat 19 Aug 2017 (closed Mon and Tues).

Come and share a secret with the Nose, make a wish, meet the Nose Guardian, buy souvenirs, view the many noses of Bransholme discovered in a crate found at North Point and partake in a range of nose-themed activities.

Regular events will be held between Jun and Aug 2017. Please check the noticeboard in The Gold Nose of Green Ginger or ask for the latest details; if you would like to hold your own event, please feel free to make suggestions.

All events are FREE.