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Crawshaw Butchers

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Crawshaw Butchers

“Crawshaws have been offering top quality products at great prices ever since we launched in Yorkshire in 1954. Over the following 60 years we have grown to become the UKs leading Fresh Meat & Food to Go retailer, with stores across the Midlands and North of England. We are currently engaged in a rapid expansion programme and are well on the way to achieving our target of 200 stores nationwide.

Although we have grown extensively over the years, our philosophy reflects our small beginnings…..we are your trusted local butcher and delicatessen who pride themselves on providing top quality products, excellent service and great value for money!

Our winning combination of providing Fresh Meat along with a varied offering of Food-to-Go products allows us to minimise waste and operate our stores in a way that retail analyists call ‘synergy efficiencies’. We just call it common sense. Either way, by running a tight ship we can pass on savings to our customers, allowing us to provide top quality products at the best possible prices all year round. In fact, after crunching the numbers, our boffins were very excited to confirm that customers can cut up to 35% off their fresh meat bill compared to shopping at one of the ‘big four’ supermarkets.”

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