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Today 08:00 - 18:00

Tomorrow 08:00 - 18:00


North Point Fuel Express

The new 24 hour Gulf facility, called North Point Fuel Express and operated by Certas, will be welcomed by shoppers and local residents in Bransholme who won’t have seen a petrol station at the centre for a number of years. The new fuelling station will be self-service, operating as a pay at pump forecourt.

North Point’s new fuelling stop will mean local residents will now be able to fill up closer to home instead of driving to Kingswood or Sutton Road. The standalone station will sit adjacent

to the main western entrance to the centre.

Louise Smith,manager at North Point Shopping Centre said: “This is an exciting time for North Point. Our centre has played an important role in the community here for decades, and the introduction of this new petrol station reinforces that. We know the community’s anticipation in this facility opening on their doorstep so we look forward to welcoming them to use the brand new station.”

North Point Fuel Express
North Point Fuel Express